Monday, 8 October 2012

Baby Sweater Greeting Card

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my Knitted Newborn Hat with you and that post was an internet success - probably thanks to several dozen Google searches for a commonly knitted project. Well, I'm happy to report that one of several new expected additions to my extended family was born last week, and I've sent off one of many newborn hats that I whipped up with my stash after writing that post.

Today I'd like to share the sweet little card that I made to send with the hat. I'm not usually a greeting card maker, but this idea sprung into my head after coming across a few miniature sweater Christmas ornaments that I knitted last year. I've adapted the mini-sweater to a 2D version so that it would lie flat on a card, which I made out of acrylic paper. Please note that the paper itself is not made of acrylic, but rather it is used for acrylic paints! Any heavy-weight paper would do the trick, such as card stock or watercolor paper. 

After fold and trimming my greeting card to my desired dimensions, I simply sewed the knitted sweater onto the card with a sewing needle and closely matching thread. I didn't bother covering up the sewn stitches on the card, but it would look more professional if you were to glue a thin sheet of paper just on the inside of the card so as to hide your handiwork. 

Tune in tomorrow for the knitting pattern for this teeny weeny 2D sweater! 

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