Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Baby Sweater Greeting Card Pattern

Following on from yesterday's post featuring my Baby Sweater Greeting Card, here is the pattern to knit a miniature sweater for your own 2D projects.

  • a sheet of heavy paper, cut and folded to your desired dimensions
  • DK weight yarn in any fiber (I used cheap acrylic yarn from the post office!)
  • thread in a similar color to your yarn
  • a sewing needle
  • a darning needle
  • straight knitting needles in size US 1 or 2
  • an iron (optional) 

With your knitting needles and yarn, cast on 10 stitches.

Rows 1,3,5,7: Knit all stitches.

Rows 2,4,6,8: Purl all stitches.

Row 9: Cast on 3 stitches. Knit all stitches (13 sts).

Row 10: Cast on 3 stitches. Purl all stitches (16 sts).

Row 11: Knit all stitches.

Row 12: Purl all stitches.

Row 13: K8, (pass 2nd to last stitch over last stitch, K1) 4 times, K remaining 5 stitches.

Row 14: Bind off 6 stitches purlwise, leaving enough of a tail to sew into your work. Reattach your yarn and bind off the remaining 6 stitches purlwise, again leaving a long tail. 

Using the darning needle, sew in all 4 tails to the back of your sweater.

You can add a decorative ribbon, bow, or button to the sweater. I found that quickly pressing it with a hot iron helped to shape the sweater and make it flatter.

Using your sewing needle and thread, sew the sweater onto your card using triple knots at the beginning and end of your work for security. You could opt to glue a piece of paper to the inside of your card so as to cover up your stitches. 

I have only been writing knitting and sewing patterns for a few months, so please feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Ravelry if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the instruction! I’ve only began knitting and wanted to try out this super cute sweater. Casting stitches for the sleeves was a bit tricky for a beginner, so on my sweaters there are longer and shorter sleeves. Nevertheless, here are my practice versions them: http://lovedonedesign.blogspot.fi/2014/05/aitienpaivakortti.html