Saturday, 31 August 2013


My stash is currently compromised of an abundance of Rico Design yarns that I purchased last year when Olly and I had just moved to Somerset, and I was still unemployed. I made a wholesale bulk buy with the intention of keeping some of the lovely stuff for myself and selling some on ebay for a little bit of pocket money. This was not a successful endeavor due to starting full-time work very shortly after, moving house and generally being too lazy to keep the ebay posts updated. Pocket money is no longer an issue, but this stash is.  I'm still quids out and knee-deep in unopened packets of yarn, and 18 months later, I'm getting kind of tired of looking at these yarns. I bought entirely too much cotton instead of wool blends, which is just no fun now that we're approaching "knitting season" and the new autumnal colours are coming out. I will say though that the cottons have come in terribly handy for babies.

So many babies. My cousin's wife gave us beautiful baby John Henry this spring. Another cousin delivered the delightful little Sunny this summer. My friend Julie gave us adorable little Lucy. Sarah had her third in a line of what might be many - baby Ava. Our friends in London just greeted a humongous little boy into their lives this week. It's all very exciting, and I owe them all tiny little knits.

I had intended to go to the Glastonbury Wool Festival last Saturday but found myself absolutely paralyzed with "lady pains" and couldn't so much as leave the sofa once I made my way there. So there I sat all day, dreaming at 10AM about the sheep run down Glastonbury High Street, wondering at 2PM about the fashion show, and generally feeling sorry for myself. I was in good company as Olly was in a good deal of man pain after a late night out. So we watched a several hours of Netflix rubbish that afternoon, and I managed to knock out nearly a whole entire baby cardigan.

Rather than dive straight into aforementioned stash and reach for a fresh ball of yarn, I decided to unravel the beginnings of what was probably never going to be a cotton top. That's the picture you see above. It's a lovely open fan stitch from a vintage 80's pattern that I lost interest in almost immediately after starting and was honestly never going to complete. It felt good to get rid of a dead WIP and empty the project bag, freeing up some space in my ever more-stuffed desk drawers. It felt good to rewind the ball of cotton yarn and make something new. It felt good to practically finish the project in one day! More about the FO and the Glastonbury Wool Festival to come...

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