Sunday, 7 July 2013

Knitting in the Sun

It's been a while friends. I feel the need to apologize for my long absence from the blog. I seem to have disappeared just before Christmas, inevitably when I became too absorbed in finishing gift projects to write about them. The bustle of the season came and went, leaving behind the long cold winter nights that are simply not conducive to taking and posting photos after office hours. Spring refused to show its face here in south west England until at late May. And it felt like it would never again be too hot for woolly knitting.

In the last few months I've taken a spinning workshop, spun at least 200g of top on a drop spindle, visited Barcelona, started a new job with a new organisation, and I'm just about recovered from volunteering at Glastonbury Festival. Perhaps I've just been enjoying life too much to document it on my blog. Perhaps its just that I needed a break.

Today is the hottest day on record so far. At last. And I'm off to the park to sit in the sun... with my knitting.

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