Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tea and Mollie Makes

Here's a quick post today. I'm recovering from a frightful Halloween tummy bug, and thank goodness I have plenty of crafty goodness around to keep me occupied at home. After months of drooling over Mollie Makes at the local shop on my lunch break, I finally treated myself to a copy. Any disposable income we have goes towards bits and pieces for the house, trips to London to support Olly's music habit, and materials to support my crafting habit. So to just read about crafting is luxurious! I believe a subscription has already been added to the Christmas Wishlist.*

This month Mollie Makes featured a crochet coaster pattern and supplied the cotton yarn and a brief introduction to crochet stitches as well. Now, I can crochet in a sort of freehand way as you can see from some of my posted projects. I'm sure I was taught at summer camp or something. I can also follow an American pattern in words. But put one of those diagrams in front of me, and I freeze! I really want to conquer my irrational fear of crochet though. So I was grateful for a chance to practice my skills on these adorable coasters. They made up in minutes, and they gave me the confidence to add some crochet details to the Dia de los Muertos project that I will reveal tomorrow on the blog! Thank you Mollie Makes.

*Note to self: Email all blog posts to husband in December.

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