Monday, 5 November 2012

Ikat Cushion Cover

I did a bit of sewing this weekend, as I'm on quest to expand my eclectic collection of homemade cushions. This cushion cover is sewn from a lovely woven ikat fabric that I picked up at John Lewis on Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago. The fabric was originally intended for a cape that I'm dreaming of, but I read the pattern envelope wrong and didn't buy enough yardage. So now it's a pillow! And I added some embroidery for extra eclectic goodness.

I love all of the embroidered pillows at Athropologie and would buy every last one of them were I rich. But I'm also having fun fabricating my own stuff too. I envision my eventual pile of colourful cushions on my eventual distressed leather sofa. Said sofa has not been found or purchased, so I've taken pictures of my latest creation on my bed once again. No one would want to see our existing sofa - the mint brocade monster that was left behind by our landlords' last tenant!

I'm very grateful to this tutorial on how to sew a cushion cover with a zipper featured on Design Sponge. This was my first attempt at putting in a zipper, and it would have come out swimmingly were it not for my ambition to also include a bobbly border! I actually purchased the funky trim several weeks ago at Sew Vintage in Wells. I seriously love that shop and encourage you to visit if you're in the area.


  1. Fantastic cushions, you have totally inspired me!
    So glad the bobbles came into perfect use, hopefully I will see you at Sew Vintage again soon....Make sure you say hi!
    Fab blog too!!!
    Jules x

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