Monday, 10 September 2012

Knitted Newborn Hat

I may have mentioned before that several new editions to my family and friend circle are on the way. Two baby cousins are due this month! My cousins are expecting their third boy, and Olly's cousins are expecting their first little one. With so many baby gifts to produce, I've been asking myself if I should have a go-to gift waiting in the wings at all times.

I used to sew baby soccer/footballs with scrap materials, and I still have some the pentagons and hexagons cut out in my stash pile. This gift is usually really popular with toddlers, but I wonder if new parents are thinking, gee, thanks for the gift my kids won't use for two years! It's also a very time consuming gift, and that's why I opted for a knitted cap this time.

I found a pattern produced by Jennifer L. Jackson which is featured on her blog here and on Ravelry here. It's a super, duper easy pattern that took me about an hour and a half to complete. I dug deep into my stash for the perfect yarn to use - something that has been waiting for years to be made into a baby hat. Down at the very bottom of my wool box were lurking about 30 grams of Blue Sky Alapacas Organic Cotton that I purchased several years ago at Loop in London. It's an extremely soft yarn that I believe has now been discontinued, perhaps because it's just too dang soft and isn't really sturdy enough to be made into anything that will need to be washed or stretched every much.

The pattern calls for US size 7 needles, but I could only find US size 6s - 4.25 mm in my interchangables. Frankly it looks plenty big as my knitting tension has loosened up recently, but to be honest I don't know how big a newborn baby's head is. I'm sure they vary! I used the magic loop method on circular needles, but the project is so small that double pointed needles would have worked a treat. On to the next baby item!

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