Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Felted Chair Cushion

This project came about kind of by accident. I've been wading through my stash of unfinished projects that have accumulated in the last few years, and somehow this grey piece of cabling got mixed up with my stash of unwashed laundry. One warm cycle in the washing machine later, I had a mostly felted square of knitted wool! Hrm...

I needed a cushion for my folding chair that is convenient to store but is less than beautiful or comfortable. I decided to sew a simple cushion using my felted square, a piece of brushed camel wool, and four strips of floral tape used for tying the cushion to the chair. I stuffed the cushion loosely with batting from a cheap pillow that was long ago sacrificed to the crafting gods. Lastly, I added a knitted I-cord and sewed it on as well. Et voila!

That last picture is pretty terrible, and I promise that the cushion is square and not so misshapen as it looks above. But this gives you an idea of the how the camel contrasts with the grey wool. I'm hoping that any lumps or bumps smooth out the more I sit on it!

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