Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Morning...

Good morning and welcome back to Unravel and Mend. I owe many people an apology for keeping away from the blog for so long. I think perhaps I was just too ambitious in thinking I could keep up with blogging and moving at the same time!

Olly and I had a great time on Wednesday night in London for his gig at the Hootanany in Brixton. But then the rest of our week was as stressful as a move should be.

Fortunately, our good friends from Houston came to our rescue on Friday evening, and we spent a wonderful weekend with them in Somerset. I'll be posting photo updates through out the week. We still don't have internet at the new flat so I'll be writing posts on my lunch hour at work!

Here's a quick organising tip courtesy of one of my heroines, the all time great Martha Stewart. My aunt sent me the link to this page, and I love her for it! I can't wait to do this project....

martha stewart yarn tins

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