Monday, 9 July 2012

Blogging Mid-move

Thanks to a rain delay in the men's Wimbledon final, I have a few minutes to blog today. I'm writing from my brother-in-law's flat in London, in full recovery mode from the night before. Olly and I drove up yesterday to celebrate Adam's birthday (and have a band practice). There was a low key gathering at The Salisbury on Green Lanes followed by a raucous after-party here at the flat. I must have stumbled to bed around 6 o'clock this morning after dancing my socks off and laughing my head off all night long. Head and legs are killing me.

The boys are at band practise now, leaving me to hydrate and catch up with the world wide web. In exchange for making a special trip up to the city for band practise, the boys are going to help us shift my piano from our old flat in Shadwell into the back of our Golf! My little pianiette has been sorely missed these last three months that we've been living in Somerset, and I'm very glad to be reunited with her. We're driving home tonight but will be back up on Wednesday morning in a moving van to grab the rest of our furniture and headline a gig in Brixton! It's then back to Somerset to get the new flat ready for our first house guests arriving on Friday!

All of this is to say that we have a very busy week ahead of us, and I won't get much time for blogging. We also don't have broadband at the new flat yet - and Orange say it might take two more weeks to set us up! I will get a lot of knitting in however. Having lived in the UK for over four years, I can't drive on my Texas license anymore. Now that we live in the country I'm learning to drive on the left side of the road and around round abouts and all the rest, and I'm hoping to sit the test by the end of the summer. Meanwhile, Olly's behind the wheel on all of our long-haul journeys and I get to knit!

I set the New Job Wrap aside for a minute, and I'm working on two cushion covers using Rico Design Cotton DK and the Zig Zag Trio pattern posted on last week's Saturday Stitch Session. If I get a cover finished by the end of the week, I'll post the pattern on the blog and on Ravelry by Friday. Finger's crossed!

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