Monday, 18 June 2012

On My To Do List: Learn How to Darn

TREASURY ITEM - Set of 3 vintage English wood darning mushrooms, charming instant collection, 3 different sizes, so tactile

Bakelite darning mushroom, with case

It's sad but true. I don't know how to darn. Anything. Socks. Jumpers. Nothing. But I've watched a very thorough video on youtube, and I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I didn't know that it just involved weaving thread with a needle. I thought it would have required knitting somehow. But then, that wouldn't have explained why "darning needles" are shaped like sewing needles and not like miniature knitting needles. Ah...It's all coming together....

If I'm going to learn a new skill, it's always fun to find inspiration in some beautiful knitting paraphernalia. It's like buying pretty, clean pencils and colourful notebooks for the new school season. Or buying an outfit before starting a new job. Above are three of the prettiest pics from the web that I could find of antique darning mushrooms. Of course I want them all, but I might also keep my eyes peeled at antique fairs!

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