Friday, 22 June 2012

New Job Wrap: Update

gerda stole
A quick update on the New Job Wrap today. I'm really starting to take to the Gerda Stole pattern. At first, lace always seems a little bit pointless to me. Does it really need to be this detailed? Can't I just skip over a lot of these eyelets? Well, yes, I could, but then my WiP would be solid, not lace! I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked by now, and to be honest, I'm afraid that I'll be chomping at the bit to make a start on some Fassetty throw cushions as soon as the inserts arrive next week. Launching a new project might completely derail this one.

I've got a ticket booked to attend the UK Handknitters Association Knit Show in Bristol this weekend. This is my first ever trade show! For all of you who might be headed to Cumbria for Woolfest this weekend, I hope you have a marvelous time!

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  1. Hope it's dry in Bristol. It poured all day yesterday at Woolfest, the rain was torrential!