Thursday, 28 June 2012

Naomi Paul Textiles

naomi paul textiles

naomi paul textiles

Finish embroidering dress // Finish sewing dress together // Rearrange wool shipment to be delivered tomorrow // Pack all clothes and wedding gifts ready for move tomorrow // Write blog posts for the next two days // Attend doctor's appointment - embroidery in hand  // Attend hair stylist appointment - embroidery in hand // Set up business account at bank // Clean all laundry in prep for not having a washing machine ready in new place // Try to remember everything else I'm supposed to do!

Oh how I wish I could spend the day knitting up a fabulous creation like the home accessories above by Naomi Paul. Images of her work are circulating on pinterest, but none of the images linked back to her website. Isn't that so annoying?! I just had to look her up, and I must say that what I found was not disappointing. I don't want to steal too many images without her permission, but here's an excerpt from her website.
Naomi Paul is a London based designer who is creating some truly unique and intelligent textiles for interior products and spaces. Her aesthetic is clean and modern yet takes inspiration and methods from the past.

An expert in combining vintage and charity with contemporary items in her own life, her designs are created using a range of recycled, upcycled, organic, industry waste and British luxury material. Through physical exploration of the yarns constructing and deconstructing ideas Naomi’s designs evolve organically, forming pattern through structure with a subtle sophisticated use of colour.

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