Monday, 25 June 2012

My Dream Office

home office white
home office pink

home office bedroom
Vintage style office picture
home office miniature

Our John Lewis shipment came today - the last of our wedding vouchers used up, and as expected, I'm so eager to doooo something with my two new cushion inserts! I'm planning a couple of cushion patterns, so watch this space.

Olly and I passed the reference checks for our new flat, so we should be moved in by the end of the month. In eager preparation, I'm watching ebay like a hawk for bits and pieces that we're missing. I could use a desk, and I think an antique bureau would fit the bill nicely. I've decided to set up an "office" space right next to our bedroom's bay window to take full advantage of the sunniest spot in the house. I need a LOT of light to stay motivated, positive, and happy. I also need for my work space to be organised and attractive. It's not important to some people, but it's a priority for me. I know I can't have my dream office now, but it's a goal  to work towards! All the images above come from Home DIT.

What does your work space look like?


  1. Some gorgeous colour palettes there. My work space is mostly my sofa!

  2. Ohh - I like those offices! Mine is in our guest bedroom (lots of light!) on an antique library desk from a university in Kentucky - definitely my favorite place to work! I want to see photos of y'all's new place once you get settled (-: