Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Missoni Inspired Scarf in Blue

On a recent trip to Hill Country Weavers in Austin, Texas, I treated myself to the best sort of souvenir - yarn! I wanted something local, something I couldn't easily find here in England, and the result was a yummy hank of tencel called Delicato by Prism, based in Florida. The colourway is blue/purple/green (not usually what I go for), but the colours seem to suit the cool, watery feel of the fibers.

I had no idea what I'd make with my new yarn. I spent the entire SXSW week balling up the hank. 
Be warned folks! This yarn tangles easily, and once it's in a mess, it is damn near impossible to unravel again - especially after a few margaritas, sitting on the dusty ground, while watching M. Ward at Auditorium Shores, in eager anticipation for the return of The Shins!

After an 11-hour plane ride back to London of winding tencel wool, I was reunited with my needle kit, and I decided on a simple wavy lace pattern. It's great for mindless TV watching - just count over your row occasionally to make sure you stay on track. And use loose tension if you have splitty yarn, like this one. 

My finished product used only half the 630 yards I bought. I made it for my mom, who lives in Houston, and on the coolest day in Texas, you don't want a scarf that wraps around your next twice. So the finished product is about 36" long and 7" wide. I'd like to secure it with a wooden scarf pin. Any suggestions?

I took a few pictures yesterday with the fancy camera my husband borrowed from work. And while doing so it occured to me that the scarf looks a little Missoni. Maybe a lot Missoni! Technically, it's not Missoni-inspired at all. Just a coincidence. Stay tuned for the pattern tomorrow!

missoni scarf

my scarf

missoni scarf
my scarf

missoni inspired scarf in blue

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