Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's time to unravel...

Welcome to Unravelled! I've started this blog for many reasons, but it's mostly an excuse to look for new knitting projects. My husband and I have recently escaped the hustle and bustle of London by moving out west to Somerset. Because of the move I'm only working a few hours a week right now, so I have lots of time to while away crafting. If you feel that knitting is not just a hobby but also a form of therapy, then you understand me. I'll introduce the major characters in my life bit by bit, but I'll primarily use this forum to focus on the projects.

My mother used to tell me stories about her aunt who could walk into any fine department store (probably Neiman Marcus in Dallas), sketch out the latest fashions, and go home and make her own dresses. I'm fascinated by this idea! Not fascinated enough to make all my own clothes, mind you, but I'll try my hand at a designer knock-off. And this is where the blog comes in.

This blog with feature a few designer-inspired DIYs posted by other bloggers and magazines. I am going to try my best to get short interviews with knitwear designers. And I'm going to feature my own small projects. Here we go!

I have been living in England on and off since 2007, but I originally hail from Texas. While in the workplace I am very conscientious to stick to one language - British English vs. American English - I'm going to write as casually as I can here on this blog. So you'll get a big ridiculous mix of words used on both sides of the pond, and I doubt very much that I'll ever be very consistent. My "voice" changes everyday, and I'll sound like a pre-divorce/pre-move back to Manhattan Madonna before long. Go on, you friends from home, bring on the teasing....

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