Friday, 7 December 2012

Stella's Shawl

Today is my mother's birthday, and I wanted to share her gift with you on the blog. This is the very popular Revontuli pattern found as a free Ravelry download. I used one ball of Rico Design Superba Poems in the Denim colourway. The pattern calls for 800 yards, and at 459 yards one ball is far from enough to complete the last 20 or so rows of the pattern. Nonetheless, my finished object is plenty big to wear as a scarf through the mild Texas winter. 

I have read a lot of complaints about the unevenness of this yarn, and I can attest that it varies from so thin that you think it might break to almost chunky at times. I lucked out with this ball, which was a pretty consistent fingering weight throughout. It's incredibly soft, and the colours and price point are pretty hard to resist. So if you come across at your local shop, I'd recommend it for any garments other than socks. The unevenness would drive a fussy sock knitter mad.

The Revontuli pattern is super easy to follow and memorize, although it took me at least two hours to knit the first five rows! After that, the whole shawl knit up in a couple of weeks. I had fun showing it off to my coworkers as I knit on my lunch break in the canteen - although I have to concentrate on lace knitting and just make too many mistakes if I try to converse and knit lace at the same time! The result of public display of knitting addiction has led to many wonderful things though. One coworker asked me to teach her to knit, and she's already made two gorgeous chunky scarves and a hat. Another has picked up her needles after 23 years and trumped the rest of us by knocking out a cabled hoodie in three weeks! And one of our cooks asked me to knit her granddaughter an aran cardi for Christmas.

It's so nice to reflect on how knitting has brought me new friends over the years. It also allows me to send a piece of myself across the ocean, all the way to Houston. Each time my mom wraps herself up in her new shawl, she is wrapping herself up in my love. Happy Birthday Mom! xoxo